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Rover 400 series Battery

Rover 416 Automatic Battery

The Rover Battery is designed to be maintenance free so no topping-up is required. The battery fitted to 416 automatic gearbox model (1) has a battery condition indicator. The indicator has green (and red) floats that rise and fall along with the specific density of the battery acid. The charge indicator only reads one cell, but generally indicates the average charge for all. A Green indicator means the battery is 75% or more charged and is okay for use. Red (or no colour) means the battery is low and should be recharged or exchanged as soon as possible. A clear indicator means the level of electrolyte inside has dropped too low, and the battery should be replaced. Occasionally check the colour showing in the indicator window to ensure that the battery is in good condition.

Other Rover 400 series Batteries

On other vehicles the batteries do not have a built-in charge indicator, the state of charge can be determined by checking the battery open circuit voltage using a digital voltmeter or multi meter (while the ignition key is off). A reading of 12.66 volts or above indicates a fully charged battery. 12.45 volts is 75% charged, 12.24 volts is 50% charged, and 12.06 volts is 25% charged.

Batteries fitted to the Rover 400 series contain sulfuric acid. If acid should come into contact with the eyes skin, or vehicle paint work, wash IMMEDIATELY with cold water. If required obtain medical assistance as soon as possible.
During charging and normal use, batteries can emit explosive hydrogen gas sufficient to cause explosion, ensure sparks and naked lights are kept well away from the engine compartment and when being charged ensure that it is in a well ventilated area.
For personal safety, and to remove the risk of electric shock, remove all metal wrist bands and jewelry before working in the engine compartment, and NEVER allow the battery terminals or leads to make contact with tools or other metal parts of the car.
When removing the battery from the vehicle all ways remove the negative lead first.

Battery Location

1 Rover 416 Automatic

2 Other 400 series Vehicles

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