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Rover 400 Series Central Locking Repair

One of the most common failures with the Rover 400 series is the Alarm and Immobiliser system. Failure of the system can be due to a number of factors Key-Fob damage, Out of Sync codes, Mechanical door latch, and Central locking drive.

Symptoms of Central Locking Failure

The central locking system plays a primary roll in the alarm and Immobiliser operation, failure of this system can result in one or more problems:-

  • One or all central locking latches fail to operate with Key fob or key.
  • Un-able to de-activate engine Immobiliser.
  • Central locking motor drives but doesn't unlatch.
  • Unable to lift door sill latch
  • Manual EKA code inoperative.

Door Lock/Latch Failure

Door lock assembly failure can be attributed to one or all of the following:-

  • Mechanical failure of the lock/latch assembly
  • Electromechanical failure of micro switches
  • Electrical failure of locking motor.
  • Mechanical failure of locking motor drive

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