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Rover 400 Series Central Locking System

Locking Operation

When the Driver's door key is operated to lock the vehicle, or the sill button is depressed the locking mechanism (1) mechanically locks the door latch, when this takes place the latch switch inside the door lock motor assembly (2) is actuated. When the latch switch actuates it completes an earth path within the door locking control of the ECU - alarm and anti-theft system.
The Alarm system in turn operates the door lock motors in all the passenger doors locking these. All the central locking motors are connected in parallel so all operate from the same signal at the same time.

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Un-Locking Operation

When the key is turned or the sill button is raised to unlock the driver's door, the locking mechanism (1) mechanically un-locks the door latch, At this time the door locking motor of the drivers door which is sprung loaded under tension is released and runs back to the unlocked position, at the same time the latch switch inside the central locking motor assembly (2)is actuated. The latch switch makes an earth signal to the door locking control unit of the ECU - alarm and anti-theft system via a second connection, removing the earth from the first, when the control unit senses this earth signal and the high on the other line, it reverses the supply to central locking motors, which then run in the reverse direction unlocking the passenger doors.

NOTE: There is no electric locking on the tail door.


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