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Rover 400 series Engine Bay Fuse box

The main fuse box for the Rover 400 series can be found in the engine compartment LH side near the firewall.

Engine bay fusebox

The engine compartment fuse box contains 13 fuses, the vehicle main fusible link (A), Column switch fuse(B), Ignition switch (C), Air conditioner (D), Blower motor (E) and Window lift(F). Fuses B-F are fed directly from (A). They are all held in position with two cross-headed screws ,fuses G to N, are of the standard pull out type.

Engine bay fusebox Internal

Fuse ID Size Service
A 80A Main Fuse
B 50A Column Switch ¹
C 50A Ignition Switch
D 40A Air conditioner
E 30A Blower Motor
F 50A Window Lift ²
G 30A Relay Module (air conditioning)
H 10A MEMS relay and inertia switch
J 7.5A ICE/clock
K 15A Cooling fans/air con
L 30A Heated rear window
M 20A MFU/hand brake/horns
N 10A Hazard indicator

    ¹ Also feeds fuses 19 and 20 in the internal fuse box.
    ² Also feeds fuses 1, 3, 6 and 11 in the internal fuse box.

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