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Rover 400 Series Key Fob Operation


The Rover remote key fob uses Lucas 3TXA 3TXB or 17TN, it forms an integral part of the Alarm and Immobiliser system The alarm system is quite complex and very difficult to defeat. When it's working it's very good but because of it's complexity, it fails quite often. The security system uses a rolling code arrangement, when you press the key fob, not only will this operate the security and central locking system but it causes the code transmitted by the key fob to change, at the same time, the alarm module in the vehicle also changes code to match the key fob.

This is a very good anti theft system but sometimes the key fob and alarm module codes get out of sync, the system will not operate, and you can not turn off the Immobiliser, it's not a major problem but an inconvenience that owners need to be aware of. See Key Fob Faults for further details on this.

Replacement Key Fobs

Lucas 3TXA was one of the first fob models used and should be avoided if purchasing a spare as it will not operate the later version of the 5AS alarm system. the Lucas 17TN is the most widely available unit. Up to 4 Key fobs can be used with the 5AS alarm system but programming must be done using the Rover T4 software or other suitable equipment.

Operation -- Locking

Very simple to operate:- Before locking the vehicle ensure all doors windows, sunroof, bonnet (hood) and boot (trunk) are securely closed. the range of the Rover Key Fob is quite short so Standing next to the vehicle press the padlock closed symbol.

Rover key fob

If the system locks correctly the indicators will flash three times, the door locking pins will go down and the alarm active indicator situated on the door sill next to the locking pins will flash rapidly for 10 seconds and then slowly.

If the Indicators do not flash the doors will still lock, but one or more of the doors, windows, sunroof, bonnet, or boot is not fully closed. Closing the area that is open will flash the indicators and fully set the security system

Operation -- Un-Locking

Once again standing near the car, aim the Fob at the vehicle and press the unmarked button, the indicators will flash once, the door latches will unlock and vehicle Immobiliser will be de-activated.

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